February 4th, 2006

Dingbats: wtf?
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How big is the extention lead in *your* car?

A few days ago, we had a power cut in Psychology. Nothing too bad about that, the room was a little dark but couldn't complain. My teacher was completely convinced the TV would work though, and kept telling us we were going to watch a video, despite the fact we had *no* power.

That's not really the mock-worthy part. It was the conversation that followed the statement "no power = no tv"

Teacher: Oh, there's a power cut?
Me: Yeah, that's why we can't watch the tv...
Teacher: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, none of the lights are working.
Teacher: Can you check for me?
Me: sure..?
Teacher: Look out of the window and see if the cars have their lights on.
Me: *huge pause* You do know cars have batteries, right?

Took her a good few minutes to realise what she'd actually said. And longer than that for me and my best friend to stop laughing at the stupidity of the statement.

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