January 25th, 2006


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I worry about some of my friends with their stupidity and lack of brain power...

Imagine... a crossword. The clue reads:
14 across: Years in a decade (3)

As we know, (3) is the number of letters in the answer. She had to ask me the answer, but that's not the funny part. What's funny is she told me I was wrong, and that the answer didn't fit. I asked how many spaces there were, just to make sure, and she said 3, which is what I suspected. I told her that ten definitely was the answer, but she refused to believe me. I said "gimme the bloody magazine then!" so I could have a look...

Since when do crossword answers consist of the numbers 1 and 0?
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How would it come out?

A girl in my sister's 8th grade class recently said "Guys could have babies."

Proven to be serious when my sister then overheard her arguing with her friends that it really could happen. She insisted that if you places a fertilized egg in a guy's body, it could grow, and nothing would convince her otherwise.


My phone was dead for a week and I managed to get a little juice in it and turn it on today.

Text messages I got:

"I know your charger is broken and your phone is dead but I wanted to know if you were coming over Wednesday?"

"I guess since you haven't said no, it means you're coming over."

"Where are you???!"

"I thought you were coming over???!!!"

"We waited for you and you didn't show, what happened?"

"Oh, and by the way, I found you a new charger, wanna come pick it up?"


Edit OMG... after replying to the guy:

"Oh and Tina is mad you haven't called her about tonight. Her phone is dead but you can text her about it."