January 21st, 2006


Note: None of them were kidding.

1. One day in my Marine Biology class we were watching a video on fishing industries. There was a segment about tuna and its large size came as a surprise to a few.

Guy: How do they get it into the can?

2. In English class, reading The Scarlet Letter.

Girl: Did they have contraceptives back in the Puritan times?

3. And lastly, my friend. I like her a lot, but she says and does some of the ditziest things.

Friend: Wait, Kentucky is a real place?

And after taking a Huckleberry Finn test.

Friend: I forgot who wrote it, so I put Patrick Stewart.
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The little sister works at a Sunglass Hut, a kiosk in the mall that sells expensive sunglasses like Raybans and super-duper water-proof watches.

Lady: I'd like to try on a pair of sunglasses.
Sister: OK. Which ones interest you, hon?
Lady: * points to a pair of glasses in the case *
Lady: The brown ones.
Sister: * tries to follow her finger point *
Sister: These ones?
Lady: No, the brown ones.
Sister: * looks down at all of the brown glasses on the shelf *
Sister: * picks another pair *
Sister: These ones?
Lady: No, the brown ones.
Sister: * proceeds to go in order down the row until she comes to the pair the lady wants *

Lady tries on pair of glasses and looks in the mirror. They're crooked. Sister offers to fix them. Lady gives her the glasses and sister adjusts them for her face. Lady tries on glasses and they fit perfectly. Lady then put glasses on the counter. Lady freaks out because the glasses are crooked and don't lay flat on the counter. Sister, remaining calm, explains to her that if she adjusts them so that they lay flat on the counter, they will then be crooked on her face. Lady continues to freak out over the crooked glasses, leaves. Sister curses out lady in her head.
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I love my friend dearly, and she is a highly intelligent person, but we all have our moments. I was visiting her after two and a half years apart while I was in Japan, and we were talking about new things that had happened in American culture in the meantime.

Me: I don't know, there's probably a LOT of things that've happened in America that I haven't heard of...
Friend: Like what?
Me: ...
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