January 19th, 2006

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I'm an MRI Technologist. The CT Technologist sits right behind me. Close enough to touch. I'm walking back to my desk when my phone rings and the CT Tech picks it up for me. A 30 second conversation ensues and by his face I know who he is talking to. It took that long for our front office girl to tell him my patient is ready. But that's not the mock.
The phone isn't even back in the cradle yet when HIS phone rings. It's the same girl...telling him his CT patient is ready.
Not an "oh, I forgot to tell you..." She had to call each desk. Even though she spoke with the same person each time.

A Librarian's Tale...

I've been working as a librarian, in a London hospital library, for the past few months. All the people who use the library are doctors, nurses or medical students. No members of the public. They should, in theory, be quite bright. In theory.

"Is immunology the same as haemotology?" *scathing stare*

"Do you have any books about medicine?" "This is a medical library." "So, do you have any books about medicine?" *scathing stare*

and, a scarily common question,

"Is this the intensive care unit?" "No, this is a library. Hence all the books, and the lack of wounded people."

Anyway, just thought I'd say that this community is fecking great. Keep up the good work.

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A while ago, I had a very stupid moment.

Friend: (*sarcastically*) Did you know that Chuck Norris lost his virginity before his dad did?
Me: Wait, is that true?
Everyone: *laughing*

Then I proceeded to sulk in my shame.

I usually consider myself above such stupidity, but that day was a slow one.

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In history we were talking about William and Mary of England, and my teacher attempted to be funny, as he usually does, called William by the name "Bill". Then, the following happened:

Girl- Wait, who is Bill?
Teacher- Bill is short for William.
Girl- Are you serious?
Teacher- Um... yes.
Girl- I thought Bill was short for Billiam.

I honestly could not believe that happened.
Harriet the Spy

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Somehow, someone in my math class got onto the topic of skin color, which led to a discussion about albinos, which lead to the obligatory "PIGMENTALLY CHALLENGED, LOL!" joke from my teacher. I was disinterested in the entire affair until someone from the back piped up with, "Wait! Albinos are retarded?"

And then later on that day, I heard a group of sophomores discussing recent movies.
"Oh, god. I HATED the Chronicles of Narnia! It was SUCH a rip-off of Harry Potter."
How true, random sophomore.
Trivia: C.S. Lewis abbreviated the first part of his name just so he could be like his idol, J.K. Rowling!
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Reading about "yiddishland" a few posts ago reminded me of something from my childhood.
I was probably seven at the time...

Other Kid: "you don't believe in God?"
Me: "No, I'm an atheist."
Other Kid: "So you're jewish?"


For years after that I was asked how I celebrated Chanukah.
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