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7th-May-2013 02:04 pm - Change of plans
So things still seem to be at a standstill since the whole shift in ownership here, so I've set myself back as owner of the community. I've added both alicephilippa and boyzici as maintainers/moderators of the community.

I'll be sticking around just long enough for the community to get back to approving/rejecting entry submissions in a reasonable amount of time. I don't intend to be involved in higher level decisions as to how the community should run. My only agenda is to keep adding new moderators periodically until entries are being regularly being approved from the moderation queue again. The 2 other maintainers are free to discuss & decide on any changes they want to make to the community such as adding additional moderators, editing the profile, changing submission standards, etc. If all goes well, this will the last time you'll need to endure my presence in this community.
17th-Apr-2013 09:31 am - And the poll is over
I'm declaring the poll to be over and alicephilippa to be the winner! I've re-opened membership to the community (moderated, as it was before), and have set alicephilippa as the owner.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled mockery of the intellectually challenged.
It's me!
I went to the pet store with an anonymous friend yesterday.

Anonymous friend: "Check it out. They sell vibrators for cats."
Me: "That's a flashlight."
Anonymous friend: "What? A flashlight for a cat?"
Me: "Um... the cat chases the light."
24th-Dec-2012 02:32 am - Baking misadventures
So, the boyfriend and I were doing some holiday baking tonight (December 23rd... okay, now it's the 24th, at the time of this writing). Among the things we're baking to give as gifts are peppermint meringue kisses, dyed with red-and-white stripes.

The technique for making stripes on meringues is to take your empty piping bag and paint stripes down the inside with gel food coloring before loading the bag with your meringue mixture. I'd explained this idea to my boyfriend in vague terms, but when he came into the kitchen and saw me with the paintbrush and food coloring, he seemed a bit unclear on how it was supposed to work, saying he was still trying to get his head around the process.

"It's just like toothpaste," I explained.

He just sort of stared at me for a second, perplexed.

"...Did you think the stripes went all the way up the tube?!"

The embarrassment on his face was all the answer I needed.

Though, as it turned out, the last stupid of the night was mine. Remember how I said we were making "peppermint meringues," hence the red-and-white striping? Well, they ended up being "festive holiday-colored meringues," because in order for them to be peppermint meringues, I would've had to have remembered to add the peppermint extract. So yeah. -_-
Earlier this year we had the guy who stole gas from a cop car and bragged about it on Facebook. Apparently this young & dumb blonde felt like one-upping that act and has ended up all over the news:


A 19-year-old Nebraska woman arrested for bank robbery last week posted a video to YouTube bragging about her heist.

Hannah Sabata, of Stromsburg, was arrested Wednesday, the day she posted the video to YouTube. She was wearing the same clothes in the video, which matched the description of clothing worn by the bandit, the York News-Times reports.


Sabata claimed she is a "victim of the government" because state officials took away her baby and charged her with neglect.

(If you wanna go right to the source to see her stupidity in action, and throw away up to 8 min of your life, knock yourselves out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZoo5KRMZ4)
26th-Nov-2012 01:57 am - If Ignorance was gold, she'd be rich:
Meet Claire Khaw, formerly the BNP's candidate for the position of London's Mayor, she was kicked out of one of the most bigoted of the UK parties after she said some things even they couldn't stomach.

Trigger Warning: Suggest you have pictures of kittens near by to calm you down from absolute rage at a sheer stupidity and ignorance on display. She's a proud misogynistic disabilist gender essentialist. This is her blog: http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.co.uk/ It is a gold mine of wtf.

Selected wtfs are presented under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )
my hubby saw this on Gawker and I just had to share:


The worst part is the radio host tried to tell her about the real purpose of the signs at least twice.

Picture reference:

In August, Cecilia Gimenez made headlines when she botched a restoration attempt to fix a fresco of Jesus Christ at her local church in Borja, Spain. While authorities were initially planning on suing her, her awful work has gained so much notoriety that the church has begun to make money off of it and she wants a cut of the profits.

Gimenez took it upon herself to restore Elias Garcia Martinez’s Ecce Homo, a piece that previously had no major value in the art world. She slapped red and brown paint to make it look more like a monkey than the image of Jesus Christ. The irony was that Martinez’s granddaughter had just made a donation to have the work restored weeks before.

While authorities were angered by Gimenez’s job, it became an Internet hit, sparking a budget airline to offer tickets to a local airport specifically so people can see the painting, now nicknamed Ecce Mono (“Behold the Monkey”), reports The Telegraph.

There have been petitions to keep the piece looking as bad as it does and the church has begun charging an entrance fee. The image has also been printed on several products available online.

Now, it is being reported that Gimenez wants a slice of the church’s profits, although her lawyers have denied that, reports the AP. Instead, they are looking to see if there were copyright infringements made by companies that sold products with the image. If she does hold the rights, she could be due royalties, which they say she will donate to charity.

The Sancti Spiritus Hospital Foundation, which owns the church, has also started taking legal action to figure out what to do with the work, while the original artist’s family wants Martinez's work fixed.

Edit: Font changed.

4th-Oct-2012 12:04 am - How to lose at the War on Drugs
If you live a double-life of sending criminals to jail while regularly doing something criminal yourself, make sure you don't take any indication of your other life with you to your day job: :P

A New Orleans city attorney was arrested for possession of marijuana and suspended from his job after a joint tumbled from his pocket in front of police in court.

Jason Cantrell, 43, assistant city attorney, was issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana on Monday afternoon after a marijuana cigarette fell to the floor in Orleans Parish magistrate court, New Orleans Police spokesman Frank Robertson said.

"Jason Cantrell is suspended without pay pending further investigation," Ryan Berni, a spokesman for New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, said on Wednesday. "He was not acting in his capacity as assistant city attorney when the incident occurred."

Cantrell's wife, a candidate for New Orleans City Council, said on her Facebook page that she was "angry, embarrassed and disappointed," with her husband's actions.

"I absolutely do not condone his actions," LaToya Cantrell wrote. "He will accept the legal consequences as the judicial process takes its course."
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